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  7. All Klorane Products are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Free

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  1. Shampoo with Ylang-Ylang wax

    Shampoo with Ylang-Ylang wax

    An ultra-nourishing and protecting shampoo with Ylang-Ylang wax, that gently cleanses and eff..

  2. KERATINcaps Hair and Nails Dietary Supplements

    KERATINcaps Hair and Nails Dietary Supplements

    The KERATINcaps formula nourishes the hair bulb with essential nutrients that support fuller,..

  3. Shampoo-cream with Abyssinia oil

    Shampoo-cream with Abyssinia oil

    A low lather, moisture-rich cleanser that penetrates deep into the hair to intensely repair, ..

  4. Anti-fade Shampoo with Pomegranate

    Anti-fade Shampoo with Pomegranate

    A gentle, sulfate-free shampoo for damaged, color-treated hair, that helps to bind color to t..

  5. Shampoo with Chamomile

    Shampoo with Chamomile

    A gentle shampoo for natural, color-treated and highlighted blond to light brown hair that na..

  6. Shampoo with Citrus Pulp

    Shampoo with Citrus Pulp

    A purifying and clarifying shampoo that removes excess buildup from hair and scalp. Protects ..

  7. Late Night Survival Kit

    Late Night Survival Kit

    Wipe the day away and smooth a soothing eye patch under each eye to moisturize and brighten, ..

    $35.00 ($45 Value)
  8. Hair Strength Routine

    Hair Strength Routine

    A hair strengthening kit for thicker, stronger, healthier looking hair with Quinine & B V..

    $70.00 ($94 Value)
  9. Conditioner with Ylang-Ylang wax

    Conditioner with Ylang-Ylang wax

    A rich, creamy conditioner for sun-exposed hair that provides moisture, helps repair and stre..

  10. Dry Shampoo with Nettle - Natural tint

    Dry Shampoo with Nettle - Natural tint

    Dry shampoo for medium-dark brown hair not only absorbs oil in 25 seconds but regulates oil p..

  11. Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray

    Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray

    This fortifying spray targets thinning hair by providing essential nutrients to the core of t..

  12. Mask with Abyssinia oil

    Mask with Abyssinia oil

    This ultra-rich mask for very dry, coarse, curly brittle hair penetrates deep into the most d..

  13. Tangle Teezer Hair Brush Aqua Splash - Black Pearl

    Tangle Teezer Hair Brush Aqua Splash - Black Pearl

    This pain-free detangling brush is designed for wet hair. Use in the shower to brush through ..

  14. Leave-in cream with Pomegranate

    Leave-in cream with Pomegranate

    A daily leave-in cream infused with UV filters that protect color from fading and illuminatin..

  15. onditioner with Chamomile

    Conditioner with Chamomile

    A rich, creamy conditioner that naturally lightens and brightens blond to light brown ha..

  16. Shampoo with Papyrus milk

    Shampoo with Papyrus milk

    A smoothing and nourishing shampoo that gently cleanses and tames unruly, frizzy and unmanage..

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Showing 1 - 16 of 59 Products

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