where it's from


At the heart of the Indian Ocean, on the Comoros Islands, this “flower of flowers”, is sustainably cultivated and harvested by hand during the dry season when the content of key ingredient is highest while preserving the local biodiversity through the Klorane Botanical Foundation.

how it works


Ylang-Ylang, a unique plant, has a thin layer of impermeable and resistant wax constituting a natural defense against external stresses. Ylang-Ylang wax, rich in Linoleic acid, Omega-6, Omega-9, and Lauric acid, forms a shield which helps protect and nourishes the hair fiber from environmental stressors like UV, sand, salt and chlorine.

  1. Tropical Getaway Kit

    Tropical Getaway Kit

    A must have summer essential to protect hair against the dry and damaging effects of the sun,..

    $20.00 ($30 Value)
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  2. Conditioner with Ylang-Ylang wax

    Conditioner with Ylang-Ylang wax

    A rich, creamy conditioner for sun-exposed hair that provides moisture, helps repair and stre..

  3. Shampoo with Ylang-Ylang wax

    Shampoo with Ylang-Ylang wax

    An ultra-nourishing and protecting shampoo with Ylang-Ylang wax, that gently cleanses and eff..

  4. Protective oil with Ylang-Ylang wax

    Protective oil with Ylang-Ylang wax

    A lightweight multi-protective oil with Ylang-Ylang wax that shields hair against the drying ..

we're on a

botanical mission

We actively work to protect nature through the Klorane Botanical Foundation, our corporate foundation. Since 1994, the Klorane Botanical Foundation has been taking its commitment into the field with concrete efforts in three key concentrations: Protect, Explore and Educate.


With every Klorane purchase, a portion of its sales goes to support activities of the Klorane Botanical Foundation.