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The Desert date palm is a thorny tree from the very dry Sub-Sahel region of Africa. This tree’s fruit is known for its highly nourishing properties..

how it works


Essential fatty acids, glucose and proteins are extracted from the kernal of the fruit providing a deep nourishing and conditioning reparative treatment for the hair.

  1. Shampoo with Desert date

    Shampoo with Desert date

    Gentle, ultra-nourishing shampoo for very dry, damaged hair that deeply hydrates, repairs and..

  2. Conditioner with Desert date

    Conditioner with Desert date

    A rich, creamy conditioner that works deep within the hair shaft to nourish, strengthen and r..

  3. Mask with Desert Date

    Mask with Desert Date

    A deep nourishing mask treatment for very dry, damaged hair that repairs, restores and streng..

  4. Leave-in Cream with Desert Date

    Leave-in Cream with Desert Date

    A daily nutritive leave-in cream that coats hair to seal in moisture, repair split-ends and n..


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