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aquatic mint

protect dull, pollution-exposed hair

protect dull, pollution-exposed hair

where it's from


Growing abundantly in moist soil, along streams and river banks, Aquatic mint is organically farmed and harvested in the southwest of France, while preserving the local biodiversity through the Klorane Botanical Foundation. The pure extract of the plant is obtained using a patented solvent-free extraction method, taken from green chemistry, to obtain a 100% natural extract that is as effective as the actual plant.

how it works


Just like the skin, hair is constantly exposed to environmental stressors - polluted air, smoke, car/factory emissions and indoor pollutants (pet dander, household cleaners, dust). Pollutants cling to hair, making it dull and heavy, while clogging the surface of the scalp and making it uncomfortable, dry, itchy. Over time, this results in the accelerated appearance of white/gray hair and premature hair loss.

Aquatic mint, the species of mint with the highest antioxidant concentration, is scientifically proven to detoxify and protect hair and scalp from pollution, like it detoxifies nature. It creates a protective shield against follicle-clogging dirt and environmental residues, revealing healthier, shinier-looking hair



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we're on a

botanical mission

To protect the ecosystem of the Cévennes National Park, the Foundation is helping to detoxify its polluted rivers and wells through phytoremediation, decontamination using plants. Filtration columns with Aquatic mint root powder were installed upstream and live Aquatic mint was planted along the river banks. After a few months, samples of downstream water showed a 17x decrease in pollutants.


With every Klorane purchase, a portion of its sales goes to support activities of the Klorane Botanical Foundation.