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    where it's from

    Amazon Rainforest

    Sustainably sourced from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and harvested by hand after the fruit has ripened and fallen to the ground, naturally. The precious seeds are removed from the pulp, left to dry in the sun and then cold-pressed to create the rich Cupuaçu butter.

    how it works


    Organic Cupuaçu butter, is proven to be 1.5x more nourishing than Shea butter*. Its unique composition of rich fatty acids, including Omega-6 and 9, replenishes the skins lipidic barrier and prevents moisture loss for a full 24hrs**.

    *In vitro water absorption study. Fleck et. al., Journal of the American College of Wound Specialists (2012) 4, 92-4.
    **Hydration kinetics on 15 women after applying the Nourishing and Ultra Nourishing Body Lotion with Cupuaçu butter (in Cupuaçu Flower, Hibiscus Flower, Yuzu Infusion, and Fig Leaf).

    we're on a

    botanical mission

    To preserve and protect the botanical heritage of the Cupuaçu fruit, the Foundation has partnered with the Federal University in Brazil, to bring together two communities to transfer environmental protection and sustainable tree farming skills. The project was recognized by UNESCO as a prime example of education for sustainable development.


    With every Klorane purchase, a portion of its sales goes to support activities of the Klorane Botanical Foundation.