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Woman in a hat on beach under colorful umbrella

Saying Farewell to Summer? Your Hair Isn't.

We know how it goes: playlist created, beach bag packed with sunscreen, sweet shades, lip balm, and other essentials to protect yourself from damaging rays. But what about your hair? You know. That thing on your head you work tirelessly to keep healthy with mask treatment upon mask treatment?

Enjoy a guiltless beach day with your besties without sacrificing your hair's health, courtesy of the Ylang-Ylang collection. This amazing innovation calls on this precious flower’s unique protective wax to help create a shield between your gorgeous locks and those pesky, harmful rays. No sun-scorched hair for you [insert wink face emoji].

Ylang-Ylang collection in sand with bikini, beach bag, book and sunglasses

LET’S START HERE. Why does your hair need protection?

  1. The sun can damage your hair cuticle, which can leave strands dried & fried, a la the effects of that flat iron you’ve been avoiding for years now.
  2. That brand-new hue you spent hours in the salon perfecting? Just like skin, hair contains melanin so the sun can actually change the color of your hair.
  3. Fancy a dip in the pool? FYI, chlorinated water strips the hair shaft of natural oils, resulting in damaged hair fibers.
  4. Yes, salt water can benefit the skin, but it can actually wreak havoc on hair. Sea water has a high salt content that can dehydrate tresses.
  5. Your scalp is skin and is just as susceptible to sun burn. Ouch!

Ylang-Ylang collection on table with flower, sunglesses and purse

Solutions? Thought you’d never ask. Enjoy what’s left of the sunny days without worrying about keeping your tresses healthy.

Shampoo with Ylang-Ylang Wax is an ultra-nourishing and protecting shampoo gently cleanses and effectively REMOVES salt, sand, chlorine and sunscreen build-up while the Conditioner with Ylang-Ylang Wax offers a rich, creamy formula that brings back much-needed moisture, helps repair and strengthen the hair.

The star of the collection? Protective Oil with Ylang-Ylang Wax. This lightweight multi-protective oil shields hair against the drying and damaging effects of UV rays, salt, sand and chlorine.

So go enjoy what’s left of the sunny days without worrying about keeping your tresses healthy. Au revior!

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