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How-to Work From Home Like a Pro
Posted in: Life & Wellness

How-to Work From Home Like a Pro

During these unprecedented times, it seems as though our new normal is constantly changing – especially when it comes to working from home (…and for some of us, working whilst home schooling). While moms and dads across the globe have taken on the role of office manager, teacher, housekeeper, hairstylist, all during working hours, finding a few moments for self-care is more important now than ever before.

Here’s the definitive guide to mastering the quarantined work week.

1. Get Dressed

If you think you can look past this one, think again. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you spend the day in a blazer at the kitchen table, but the simple act of changing your clothes everyday helps your mind and body realize it’s time to get things done. Refreshing your hair and a light swipe of blush won’t hurt either. Need to skip the shampoo? Opt for a quick refresh with the Klorane dry shampoo of your choice.

Here’s some easy hairstyles you can recreate in five minutes or less!

 2. Take a Break - It's OKAY!

Your office routine likely leads to a 2PM slump also known as a 2PM coffee break. Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you should skimp out on that. Grab your café au lait and take a walk around the block. Fresh air can increase serotonin levels, thus making you more productive in your tasks. For all the multitaskers out there, apply your Smoothing and Relaxing Eye Patches before heading out for a de-stress while you refuel.

3. Meditate

Stress can weaken your immune system – something nobody wants in their life right now. Set aside a few minutes on your calendar every day to practice meditation. Even just five minutes of meditation can promote calmness and increase overall happiness - here’s a simple guide on how to start.

Stress manifesting itself in the form of scalp irritation? A quick spritz of SOS Serum with Peony can instantly soothe for 24 hours of continuous comfort.

4. Socialize

In normal times, seeing and socializing with co-workers is typically a huge part of one’s social interactions. Make sure you’re still dedicating time to keeping in touch, providing support and sharing ideas with your team, even if only through a quick FaceTime call.

Here’s how the Klorane team reconnects:

5. Take a Bath

After a long workday, what better way to unwind than a warm, bubbly bath? Studies show that taking a bath can relieve stress and anxiety while improving your mood. Add a cherry on top by indulging in a nourishing hair mask. Simply flip your Klorane shower cap inside out (terrycloth side out) to lock in moisture during your R&R session.

Voila! You’re all set for a productive, you-focused workweek. Enjoy!

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