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Your Scalp Needs a Detox Too.

Your Scalp Needs a Detox Too.

New Year, new you, right? While many are partaking in juicing green elixirs to cleanse themselves of the past decade, the very tippy-top of our bodies are often forgotten - our scalp. We spend so much time perfecting our strands that we often forget that our scalp follicles are living, breathing organisms, while the hair that grows out of our scalps are, plainly put, dead cells (RIP).

There's no shortage of damage happening up there - pollution, product build-up, subway smog, pet dander, household cleaners, sweat and excess oil all affect scalp health, and ultimately, the health of our hair. Solution? A proper scalp detox ritual.

While a scalp detox might not sound as exciting as that rose gold hair tint you've been dying to try, it might be the most important step in growing healthy, shiny hair. An unhealthy scalp can inhibit hair growth, elicit all sorts of irritation and lead to premature grays.

Enter: The Aquatic Mint collection -  a trio of plant-based detoxifying essentials that work to rid the scalp and hair of any unwanted residue, leaving locks feeling shiny, refreshed and full-of-life. The collection consists of Detox Shampoo with Aquatic Mint - a non-stripping shampoo that instantly removes environmental build-up, Protective Conditioner with Aquatic Mint - a lightweight, intensely hydrating, shine-enhancing conditioner specifically formulated for hair and scalp and Purifying Mist with Aquatic Mint - a refreshing, neutralizing mist that works to remove scalp odors while protecting hair from harmful external aggressors.



Growing abundantly in moist soil, along streams and river banks, Aquatic Mint is organically farmed and harvested in the southwest of France, while preserving the local biodiversity through the Klorane Botanical Foundation. The pure extract of the plant is obtained using a patented solvent-free extraction method to obtain a 100% natural extract that is as effective as the actual plant.

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