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Repair Damaged Hair with Klorane

Repair Damaged Hair with Klorane

You can’t help but notice it in the mirror. Fried split ends. Frayed baby hair. Damage that seems beyond repair. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Does everyone else see your severely damaged hair?

Great news, no need to fret – fried hair isn’t too far gone. You can fix damaged hair with deep down repair targeted for hair breakage. More on that later!

First, it’s important to learn what the cause of your dry and damaged hair might be. More likely than not, part of your routine is the culprit of your damage.

Common Causes of Hair Damage

1. Heat: It’s no secret that heat styling is one of the main causes of damage. Using a heat protector, opting for dry shampoo to refresh your style, or discovering some air-drying hacks are surefire steps to keep your locks out of harm’s way.

2. Over processing: Perms, salon straightening treatments and coloring your hair too often may break down the cuticle, resulting in extremely damaged hair.

3. Infrequent Hair Trims: Waiting too long in between hair trims (hello quarantine!) leads to split ends. Unfortunately, these damaged ends of your hair can create further breakage up the shaft of your hair as the cuticle continues to split.

4. Tight ponies & styles: Elastic hair ties can tug on your scalp and damage the hair cuticle. When repeatedly used in the same spot, a tight style can pull the shaft and cause hair to fray.

5: Brushing & CombingYes, even brushing your hair can cause damage. No one is safe. Brushing your hair too much, using a plastic bristle brush on your hair when it’s wet or combing with a non-wide-tooth comb may cause damage due to excess friction.

Although the damage may already be done, a little bit of TLC for your hair can go a long way. All you need is deep down, ultimate nourishment and repair.

Klorane's Cupuaçu Butter Collection, to hydrate damaged hair, on display - Klorane USA

Enter: The Organic Cupuaçu Butter collection! Shampoo with Cupuacu Butter will stop hair breakage for good as a deeply nourishing cleanser that hydrates hair and strengthens damaged keratin fibers. Conditioner with Cupuacu Butter tames frizz and detangles unruly manes. Best of all, it will help prevent hair breakage and damage from reoccurring. Last but not least, the 3-in-1 Mask with Cupuacu Butter is your new go-to product to repair damaged hair. No matter the level of repair needed to rescue your tresses, this 3-in-1 mask is ready to tackle heat damage, over processed hair or plain ole dry, damaged hair. Use as a leave-in cream for severely damaged hair, or simply use in-shower or as an overnight mask. Voila! Your hair will be repaired and deeply nourished with this intensive hair treatment.

So, what do these anti-breakage solutions have in common? It’s all about the natural key ingredient! Organic Cupuaçu Butter is 1.5x more nourishing and 1.4x more repairing than Shea Butter* thanks to its unique composition of rich fatty acids, including Omega-6 and 9. This powerhouse for damaged locks is sustainably sourced from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and harvested by hand after the fruit has ripened and fallen to the ground, naturally. The seeds are removed from the pulp, left to dry in the sun and then cold-pressed to create the rich, organic Cupuaçu butter.

Ready to try this trio that not only makes hair immediately softer, shinier and easier-to-style, but also provides lasting strength and nourishment for long-term hair health? Shop below.

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