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Happy Earth Day! Our Commitment to Clean Beauty
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Happy Earth Day! Our Commitment to Clean Beauty

Who says eco-conscious beauty can’t be easy? As an award-winning eco-friendly beauty brand with green impact projects around the world, we are excited to celebrate Mother Earth and all her bounties. Our company has been a leader in plant-based beauty since 1965, and we are excited to share with you our continued commitment to environmental responsibility with products that are even CLEANER and even more SUSTAINABLE.


Water conservation is a primary focus of eco-responsibility and one of our core commitments. According to the U.N., around 700 million people in the world today face water scarcity. By 2025, it is projected that two-thirds of the world’s population will be living under water stressed conditions.* That’s why we’ve debuted these new products as part of our Nettle and Mango collections:

These powder and solid shampoo alternatives are manufactured with up to 80% less water than traditional liquid shampoos. You’ll love them for their vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, preservative-free and biodegradable formulas that leave hair feeling soft and clean.

Best of all? Both products are packaged with 100% recyclable** materials to cut down on waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

100% CLEAN BY 2023

Since our humble beginnings in the Southwest of France more than 50 years ago, respect for people and nature has been a core tenet of our mission. We’ve earned numerous awards for our green and social impact efforts--and we can’t wait to do more. Here’s how we plan to go 100% clean by 2023:

Clean Formulas. Our rinse-off formulas are vegan and biodegradable, reducing the impact of wastewater on marine environments. To expand our efforts, we are in the process of removing 100+ controversial ingredients from ALL of our formulas. That means no sulfates, parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicone, EDTA, and <1% fragrance.

Transparency. In our commitment to social responsibility, we are working towards organic farming and short supply chains, where possible, with 100% traceability. Additionally, 25% of our key botanical ingredients will be farmed on our own land.

Sustainability. We are making a number of changes to the way our products are packaged. This includes:

  • Conditioner & Leave-In Tubes made with up to 70% recycled and recyclable plastic
  • Shampoo Bottles & Mask Jars made with 100% recycled and recyclable plastic
  • Dry Shampoo made with 100% recyclable canisters

Positive Impact. In addition to using the highest-quality, safest ingredients in our products, we actively work to protect nature through the Klorane Botanical Foundation. With every Klorane purchase, a portion of its sales goes to support activities of the Klorane Botanical Foundation, like our Budding Botanist program. This program supplies low-income schools across the U.S. with grants and resources to promote garden-based learning, reaching 13,000 children in the US, and 600,000 children globally. We are dedicated to expanding our efforts with 30 ongoing impact projects in 25 countries.


That’s why we strive to make clean beauty as easy as possible. We combine the BEST of nature with pharmaceutical knowledge to offer a broad collection of pure and proven plant-based products that are better for you AND the environment. We hope that you commit to clean beauty this Earth Day by saying “no” to harmful products and “yes” to high-quality ingredients, cleaner formulas, less plastic, and a greener future for all.

*Source: World Health Organization
**Please check with your local recycling provider to follow proper recycling guidelines


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