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French Hair Care & Dry Shampoo
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French Hair Care & Dry Shampoo

Among all the effortlessly chic French beauty secrets we love, dry shampoo is a universal must-have that puts the emphasis on effortless. Who better to share her tips this National Dry Shampoo Day than our favorite Francophile Rebecca Plotnick, the creator of Every Day Parisian? Klorane’s original dry shampoo has been a hair refresh staple for 50 years, saving women everywhere precious time and effort so they can conquer their days with style and ease. Discover how Rebecca uses dry shampoo to give her hair that certain je ne sais quoi.

“My bangs have been part of my signature look for a while now. I was inspired by Rory in Gilmore Girls, to make the big cut after a bad breakup. The last time I had bangs, I was a kid and getting used to how to keep them maintained was all trial and error.

I quickly learned I could skip washing my hair as often as I used to with the help of my bangs. It is so easy to keep them refreshed and looking great with a little dry shampoo before bed or first thing in the morning.

I like to spray the Klorane Detox Dry Shampoo with Aquatic Mint directly on my brush, so it combs through my bangs evenly. I was a bit intimidated with the spray can when I first discovered the French girl dry shampoo secret in Paris. Spraying a small amount on my brush instead of directly on my scalp helps eliminate the guesswork on how far and how to keep the bottle from your roots and it’s so easy. The dry shampoo takes care of the oil in my hair and it keeps my hair smelling good all day.

Klorane Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo & styling tools by Rebecca Plotnick - Klorane USA

You can extend your hair one more day with a cute hair accessory. I am a big fan of the knotted headband. I tuck my clean bangs in front and leave my messy hair hidden behind. I also love a good top knot half up or all the way.

My hair stylist also recommends using dry shampoo in your scalp for texture. She always adds it as a step after my blow dry when I get a bang trim.”

For more French beauty secrets, follow Rebecca on Instagram @everydayparisian or visit her blog at

About Every Day Parisian: We’ve asked Rebecca Plotnick, the creator behind Every Day Parisian, to guest blog this week in celebration of National Dry Shampoo Day. As a lifestyle content creator, she delivers tips and inspiration – everything from recipes to travel tips to beauty secrets – straight from the city of love.

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