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European Hair Care Leader est. 1965


Plant based key ingredients
sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free

Our Mission

Our Mission

A Passion for Plants

Responsible development with innovative, safe and efficient plant-based active ingredients.

Our Mission

The Power of Plants & The Best of Science

KLORANE combines the "power of plants" with the best of science to develop a broad collection of effective and proven hair and eye care products for the entire family. We are dedicated to our founding core values of authenticity, simplicity, and safety--along with our tireless commitment to protecting both the plant heritage and the environment.

  We are able to take care of people By protecting plants

Botanical Expertise


The principles to our approach

Over the course of 40 years, we have developed and identified a chain of events to establish botanical expertise, what we call collectively as Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise®. This is a certified process for the responsibile development of innovative, safe and effective plant active ingredients. It highlights our ongoing approach to the field of dermo-cosmetics.

State-of-the-art plant research, combining the complementary expertise of botanists, growers, biologists and pharmacists who share a passion for the plant world.
Sustainable preservation of botanical heritage and biodiversity which are sources of wellness – known or yet to be discovered – for everyone’s health and well-being.
Proven effectiveness of our active plant extracts. Strict quality requirements rooted in our pharmaceutical culture.
Respectful attitude towards our partners, growers, harvesters and suppliers whose know-how contributes to the development of our expertise.

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