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European Hair Care Leader est. 1965


Plant based active ingredients
sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free
Cruelty free

Customer Service

Q: Why can’t I find a Klorane product in the U.S. that I have purchased abroad?

Klorane is a French beauty brand with a wide catalog of products including hair care, eye care, body care, sun care and baby care. Only select hair and eye care products are sold and available in the U.S.

Q: I’m a retailer and would like to know how I can purchase Klorane products for my store?

To discuss becoming an authorized retailer, please fill out our Contact Us form and choose Become an Authorized Retailer in the subject line options. We will contact you as soon as we can and look forward to learning more about your business and how we can work together.

Q: How do you use Klorane Dry Shampoo to clean hair without water?

1. Shake can well before use and in between sprays.
2. Spray roots evenly holding can 10 inches from head. Do not spray on hair lengths - it is meant for the scalp and roots.
3. Leave product in for 2 minutes to allow it to soak up oil.
4. Brush hair thoroughly until the powder is removed.
5. Style as desired!

Visit the Dry Shampoo section for more useful product information.

Q: What is the shelf life of Klorane products?

3 years

Q: How long will my product stay fresh once opened?

Each product has an icon on it (which looks like an open jar) with the number of months the product stays fresh once opened.

Q: Does Klorane test on animals?

Klorane does not perform animal testing on any of our products. Since September, 2004, animal testing on cosmetic final products has been forbidden in Europe, whereas animal testing is permitted in the U.S. In addition, it is forbidden to market cosmetic products which were previously tested on animals in Europe. Pierre Fabre, the parent company of Klorane, is dedicated to developing alternative methods to animal testing. Our final product's tolerance and effectiveness are evaluated in-vitro (laboratories) and in-vivo (on volunteer individuals).

Q: Are Klorane products hypoallergenic?

According to the FDA, hypoallergenic cosmetics are products that manufacturers claim produce fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetic products. Only Klorane eye care products are hypoallergenic, and also ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested. Browse all eye and face care products in our Cornflower line.

Q: Are Klorane products organic?

Organic means a product contains all-natural, non-synthetic substances that are grown without using conventional pesticides or fertilizer, biotechnology or radiation. Klorane products are not certified organic; however Klorane has developed internal standards to grow its plants under the strictest conditions which meet the same requirements as our medical drugs. Additionally, as a pharmaceutical company we combine natural ingredients with pharmaceutical ingredients for the best performance and safety.

Q: Are Klorane products 100% natural?

Klorane's brand claim is not 100% natural. What Klorane is concerned with is the production of highly advanced, safe and effective hair care products for the health of the scalp and hair as well as eye care products. This is achieved by combining natural ingredients with the latest pharmaceutical ingredients. The main active ingredients, plant extracts, guarantee product effectiveness and are 100% natural, meaning they have not been altered by additives or preservatives.

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