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Klorane Institute

Preserving Our Plant Heritage

Twenty years of botanical passion and commitment to plant heritage
  About the Institute PROTECT • EXPLORE • EDUCATE

About the Institute

A foundation for the protection of plant species and biodiversity

Klorane considers respect for our environment to be of fundamental importance, and we actively work to protect nature through the Klorane Institute, our corporate foundation. Since 1994, the Klorane Institute has been taking its commitment into the field with concrete efforts in three key concentrations: Protect, Explore and Educate. Find out more about the KLORANE institute.

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Our Mission


To preserve and respect botanical heritage

As a foundation for the protection and use of plant heritage, we defend this philosophy with concrete actions around three missions: Protect, Explore and Educate.
Protect plant species under threat, in particular through partnerships with conservatories and botanical gardens, such as the National Botanical Conservatory in Brest, France or the Pierre Fabre Botanical Conservatory in Soual.
Explore the plant world in order to increase knowledge and research into biodiversity, with financial support from exploration and protection projects throughout the world, and in plant restoration projects, etc.
Educate as many people as possible, particularly children, raising awareness about the variety and fragility of our botanical heritage through educational activities, the creation of journals, brochures, guides, and posters, the organization of exhibitions and discovery days focusing on botany and mycology.

Our Projects


The Klorane Institute in the world

In Greece, following the devastating fires of 2007, the Institute replanted over 10,000 olive trees.
In Senegal, the KLORANE Institute is fighting against desertification of the Sahel area with the Great Green Wall project.
In Sicily, Italy, the Klorane Institute took part in a program in 2012 to save the endangered plant, Calendula Maritima which grows on the islands of Tripani.
In Portugal, the Institute plants a tree each time a child is born. As a result, approximately 100,000 trees are replanted each year.
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