Pierre Fabre purchases a pharmacy at Jean Jaurès square in Castres in the South of France. Mr. Fabre believes that pharmacists play a key role in public health and was convinced that progress required the involvement of nature.

Pierre Fabre creates his first plant-based product, Cyclo 3, derived from Ruscus aculeatus. The pharmaceutical product is a venotonic to aid circulation and relieve heaviness pain in legs.

The company Pierre Fabre Laboratories is founded.

Pierre Fabre acquires Klorane, a small company specializing in soap making. Founded by the Dufour family, the soaps and shampoos were initially created to treat WWI soldiers.

Pierre Fabre launches KLORANE Laboratories. This brand would serve as the foundation for the new concept of "dermo-cosmetics," dermatologically-based cosmetics. Mr. Fabre continues toward the synergy between healthcare and beauty throughout his lifetime. 

The Klorane products were launched using a very innovative concept for the time: shampoos with natural active substances. The first product is a chamomile highlight-enhancing shampoo created to treat and care for blond hair.

The first Pierre Fabre subsidirary is established in Spain.

KLORANE launches its first make-up remover for sensitive eyes, looking to cornflower for its soothing and softening virtues.

KLORANE becomes brand leader in the French pharmaceutical cosmetics industry with a market share of 35%.

A plant extraction unit is developed at Gaillac for the production of pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic active substances.

An agri-technical department is developed dedicated to plant culture. This department is the forerunner of the Phytofilière®.

Shampoo with oat milk is launched based on the new concept of “plant milk,” a technique which has been used regularly ever since.

The Phytofilière® is born, providing a chain of expertise able to control stages of the manufacturing process, from plant culture all the way through to the finished cosmetic product. This would later be called Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre.

The opening of a dermo-cosmetic research center at Vigoulet and of the skin culture center in Toulouse, France.

KLORANE Institute is established. Demonstrating a continued investment in the conservation, preservation and good use of our plant heritage, the corporate foundation is dedicated to the protection and conservation of endangered plant species.

The Pierre Fabre Foundation is established and recognized in France as of public utility.

The Botanical Conservatory is founded as a research, protection and preservation facility in Soual, France. There are nearly 1,200 plant species represented, including 500 protected species.

The cornflower range turned its attention to eye care, launchingits smoothing and relaxing patches with cornflower.

The mango butter hair care range for dry hair is launched, quickly gaining popularity with its subtle fruity fragrance and hydrating properties.

Animal testing is officially forbidden in France. Although permitted in the United States, Pierre Fabre remains dedicated to not testing KLORANE on animals.

Pierre Fabre donates the capital of his company to the Pierre Fabre Foundation thus as a recognized public utility, becomes the reference shareholder in the company. This is a first in France.

The papyrus milk hair care line launches, based on a unique “smoothing treatment” approach.

Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre is recognized by the European label European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) awarded by the certification group AFNOR. The label encompasses both Quality and Sustainable Development and guarantees the efficacy and quality of our plant-based active substances.

The magnolia hair range launches. The line smoothes the cuticle for maximum light reflection, hydration and natural antioxidant protection.

Mr. Pierre Fabre passes away. He is known as an exceptional man with outstanding character, intelligence, creativity and intuition.

Two distinct product ranges launch: Desert Date for very dry, damaged hair and Nettle for oily hair.