The Brand

KLORANE is a dermo-cosmetic brand created from botanical elements. Since 1965, ethnobotanists, agronomists and pharmacists have been observing and cultivating plants to produce innovative plant-based active substances. Each plant is carefully selected by KLORANE Laboratories and corresponds to a specific need addressed by its plant properties. 

Our Philosophy

KLORANE Laboratories combines the best of nature with the pharmaceutical knowledge of Pierre Fabre Laboratories to develop pure and proven botanical products suitable for the entire family. Plants take center stage at KLORANE because they are the reason why our products are so effective.

Quality, Accountability and Sustainability

KLORANE, a pioneering and committed brand, observes a strict line of conduct based on respect for: pharmaceutical ethics - implying extreme levels of rigour in all stages of product development; botanical expertise - essential to a brand that only produces products formulated with plant extracts; authenticity - one of the founding values of the brand with the fierce determination to protect our plant heritage.

Botanical Expertise

KLORANE adheres to a process of exceptional quality standards known as Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre, or Phytofilière®. All plants are grown by our own farmers in one chosen country, following internal standards of sustainable farming and with full traceability of each plant. By ensuring that each of our plants have the same origins and go through the same process, we can closely monitor ingredients. This guarantees high levels of performance and safety in all KLORANE products.

The Klorane Institute

KLORANE considers respect for our environment to be of fundamental importance, and we actively work to protect nature by virtue of The KLORANE Institute, our corporate foundation. Since 1994, the Klorane Institute has been committed to making 50 years of Pierre Fabre Laboratories research on medicinal plants available for everyone. As a foundation for the protection and use of plant heritage, we defend this philosophy with concrete actions around three missions: Protect, Explore and Educate.

Advancing Beauty + Science

Raising skin and haircare to pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing quality, Pierre Fabre Laboratories uses its scientific expertise to answer a wide variety of different needs. This has resulted in numerous partnerships with outside entities, the development of our own research centers, and the creation of original clinical studies to contribute to the scientific community. We continually strive to understand skin and its components, all while focusing on the benefits of natural ingredients.